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The Rules of Engagement

Insights and Ideas on Becoming Better Communicators
September 29, 2022
PowerPoint Is Not Your Presentation

PowerPoint is many things—and not all of them good or bad—but the one thing PowerPoint is not is your presentation. Let me say that again: PowerPoint is not your presentation. You are, you and your ideas. PowerPoint is there merely to support your ideas and to help you convey those ideas.

A great PowerPoint can’t prop up weak ideas, but great ideas can stand up even without Powerpoint.

I’m not anti-PowerPoint. It’s a great tool when used properly, when not over-used, and when used as something to support you instead of the other way around. When you change the way you think about the role of PowerPoint, you’ll notice your audience changes the way they think about your presentations. With PowerPoint, less is usually more and ironically, the less PowerPoint you use, the more of an impact it has.

Details are what make that happen. You don’t want to overload your audience with a laundry list of details. Use just enough to give the audience a feel for the time the place, what things looked like, what the weather felt like. You get the idea. This video will help you feel the power details have to bring your stories to life so you can bring your presentations to life and stand apart from the competition.