What We Do

On-site and online coaching, seminars, and keynote speeches designed to help professionals and organizations improve their communication, their brand, and their impact.

How We Do It

We deliver programs, coaching, and keynotes both onsite and online.

We customize all of our programs to fit your organization and address your individual needs.

The first thing we do is visit with you to discover and understand your pain points, challenges, and opportunities. Then we build solutions to address all three areas.

Our programs and Gerry’s talks focus on the following areas;


About Gerry

Okay, let’s get it out of the way, shall we?

It’s Gerry with a G. No relation to the former Penn State coach. No, you’re not the first to ask. I understand.

I love to help people shine in front of every audience every time. I develop programs, products, and services that help professionals enjoy the amazing experience of having more confidence, more influence, and performing better under pressure.

The coronavirus outbreak of 2020, forced many professionals and organizations into a scramble to figure out how to work and communicate remotely. That also brought a total alignment of my professional experiences in working with individuals and organizations.

I have three decades of experience and thousands of hours in front of TV cameras, radio audiences, conference rooms, and ballrooms as a broadcaster, speaker, trainer, and coach. I have worked onsite and online. Now I bring both worlds together.

A couple of things you wouldn’t know about me from my time on-air or in front of the room:

  • I’m a fountain pen collector—I know, nerd alert. We all have our quirks.
  • I volunteered as the helper for my kids’ gym class when they were in grade school and I smile to this day every time I hear the sound of kids on a playground, completely unaware of all the stress that life has waiting for them.
  • I’m the last of five kids, youngest of four boys. My dad’s name was John. My brothers: Jack, Jim, and Joe. For some reason, my folks decided to spell my name with a G. So glad they did!
  • For thirty years I didn’t eat red meat. Not really sure why, either. But I am making up for lost time.

Whether you communicate with your management team, staff, clients, prospects, or in front of a camera, I want to help you do it better. That’s why I started this company two decades ago. I want to help you feel more confident, more poised, more like your most amazing, authentic self. Here is one, simple, free way we can get started. Let me help you understand why we get stage fright and what you can do about it:

Click here to get my free report. Stage Fright Report. Why you get it. How to get over it.

I have spent more than three decades in front of TV cameras, microphones, doing live broadcasts on the radio, and speaking to audiences. In other words, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to make lots of mistakes that you don’t have to make. I welcome the opportunity to help you and your team shine.




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