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We all communicate for a living. Whether you communicate to your management team, staff, clients, prospects, or in front of a camera, your communication skills can elevate you to success.

Gerry Sandusky started executive media coaching in 1998 in Baltimore, MD. Gerry Sandusky offers training to professionals from various industries to help them express themselves more effectively in media and TV interviews.

Gerry has spent the past three decades as a TV and radio broadcaster. As the play-by-play voice of the Baltimore Ravens, Gerry understands the pressure of the spotlight and the demand of finding just the right word at just the right moment. With more than seven thousand hours of live, on-air experience, Gerry Sandusky can help you and your organization navigate the anxiety of media interviews with his TV and media interview skills courses. He can help you turn your anxiety into opportunity.Your communication skills can elevate you to success. The Sandusky Group can help you shine.

Contact Gerry and The Sandusky Group about the programs they have developed to improve your communications in person, in front of an audience, and in the media. The Sandusky Group’s presentation skills courses and executive media coaching programs can help you and members of your organization command a room. Let The Sandusky Group and Gerry Sandusky help you shine.


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