What’s Your Story?

A storyteller on a mountain

Everyone loves a good story.

Not everyone loves bullet points or PowerPoint slides.

Remembering that one thing can help you build more impactful presentations this year.

Two Steps to Improving Your Presentations in 2018

If you do these two things, I guarantee your presentations will improve:

  1. Tell more stories
  2. Show fewer slides

Look, we’ve all seen a million slides by now. We’ve even seen plenty of great videos. But we probably haven’t gotten to know you as well as we could. Tell stories that give a little insight into your world and use those stories to help make a point you want to get across in your presentation.

Why Stories Work

We all have stories. They don’t have to be long stories. But stories are more impactful than slides because they stay with us longer than slides. The good stories, we relate to, we connect with, we remember. That’s a powerful combination.

In this video, that I originally shared a couple of years ago, I use a story about a parenthood lesson I learned to convey a point about the power of tone in our communication.

A good story is one of the ways you can elevate the impact of your presentations this year.

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