Our Team

  • Brian Comes

    Chief Operating Officer

    A Training & Organizational Development/HR professional, performance coach, consultant and mentor, Brian joins The Sandusky Group with 20 plus years of practical experience and success in helping businesses, leaders and staff learn, develop and grow and to achieve strategic organizational goals and their own personal career goals. Brian combines his reputation as an energetic, enthusiastic and thought-provoking trainer and consultant with his expertise and knowledge to deliver meaningful sessions to audiences in the financial services industry, the retail industry and the non-profit sector.

    Brian loves to travel and wears much better shoes than Gerry.

  • Lee Ann Sandusky the wife of Gerry Sandusky walking down the street

    Lee Ann Sandusky

    Lee Ann oversees the logistics and financial side of The Sandusky Group. She writes the checks, literally. If you ever see a check with Gerry’s signature, Lee Ann probably wrote that too.

    Lee Ann also plays an active role in client relations. At The Sandusky Group, we have a saying: “If you don’t get along with Gerry, well, it might be Gerry. But if you don’t get along with Lee Ann, the problem probably isn’t Lee Ann.”

    Lee Ann has an extensive background in the interior design industry. She is also a professionally trained travel agent, tour guide, and concierge. Yes, she also makes all the travel arrangements for The Sandusky Group too.

    Lee Ann loves art, taking her son Zack to rock concerts (they prefer Gerry not come along), and visiting new countries for the first time.