Take Care of Your Voice in Your Presentations

If you’re like a lot of professionals, you spent much of your career finding your voice. The last thing you can afford is losing it in a presentation.

But it happens all the time.

It isn’t about having a bad vocal cords or even bad luck. Yes, allergies, illness, colds, and fatigue can have a negative effect. So can dehydration.

The single biggest reason, however, that professionals lose their voice in presentations and in meetings has to do with how they use it.

Why You Lose Your Voice

It’s bad technique. 

And not just speaking technique either. Breathing has a lot to do with why your voice can wear out by the end of a speech, a presentation, or a conference call.

Noise or Music?

Your voice is a wind instrument, and just like playing any instrument, knowing how to use it separates noise from music.

In this video, I’ll show you why you probably lose your voice in presentations, in meetings, or even after a long day of work, and I’ll show you how to avoid having it happen again.

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