Stop Trying To Avoid Stage Fright!

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Performers who know the most about stage fright stop trying to avoid stage fright. A popular music group spends hours on stage every night—sometimes several days a week, several weeks a month. It adds up to hundreds of hours over the course of a year, thousands of hours over the course of a few years. And still many of them get stage fright. Kelly Zutrau, the lead singer of Wet said in an interview with Fuse that she doesn’t try … Continue reading

How One Movie Star Manages Stage Fright

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Movie star Ethan Hawke co-stars with  Johnny Simmons and Paul Giamatti in an upcoming movie called “The Phenom,” about a young baseball player, a thoughtful mentor and a troubled father. In discussing the movie, Hawke admitted to suffering at times in his career from near-dibhlitating stage fright. To push his way through it, Hawke says he turned to a concert pianist Seymour Bernstein for advice.  In an interview in the Huffington Post, Hawke says the big thing he learned from Bernstein was … Continue reading