Where Should You Put the Q & A in Your Presentation?

Presenter at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Question: Where should you put the question and answer portion of your presentation? A. The beginning B. The middle C. Any place you sense it works for the audience D. All of the above I grade on an easy curve. No matter which answer you chose, you’re right. Q & A does a lot of for you The Q & A is a great tool to better understand  your audience, learn what audience members know, and understand your audience’s point … Continue reading

The One Thing You Must Control in a Presentation

Professional woman delivering a presenetation

As a presenter,  you have control of your content in a presentation but you often face a lot of things you can’t control: the space you present in, who attends, how much time you have to present. That goes with the territory. A good presenter learns to adjust to space, technology, and time. A high maintenance presenter becomes demanding about his or her space, technology, and time. There’s a time and place for the flexible presenter and the high-demand presenter. … Continue reading