The Secret Formula Behind All Great Stories in Presentations

Tell stories to Change beliefs, change results

What are your favorite stories from childhood? If you have kids, what’s their favorite story that you read to them when they were young? My daughter loved Charlotte’s Web. My son loved Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. My daughter is 25. My son is 21. They still remember those stories. That’s the power of stories. They stay with us. You still remember your favorite story from childhood. Think about how long ago you first encountered that story. Audience members … Continue reading

The Power of Three’s in Presentations

Threes in presentations

Ever notice it’s easier to remember the area code on someone’s phone number than the last four digits of their number? That’s because the area code is three numbers. The last four digits are, well, four. Our minds quickly and easily connect to things that come in groups of threes. There are plenty of theories for why we do this. Three is the first prime number. We divide time into past, present, and future, and we live in a 3-dimensional … Continue reading

What to do With Your Hands in a Presentation

Hands, Presentations

Ever have this happen: you walked to the front of the room to give your presentation and suddenly began to wonder, why do I have hands? What should I do with my hands while giving my presentation? Why won’t my hands go away? Why are my hands so damn needy right now? You probably don’t think about your hands very often. You use them all the time. You just don’t think about them. Until you get in front of the … Continue reading