Build Presentations that Build Your Brand

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  The worst reason to give a presentation is because you were asked to or—even worse—you were told to. The best reason to give a presentation is because you have a clear objective. And the best way to give that presentation is in a way that achieves your objective and supports your brand. It’s Not As Complicated as You Think Ah yes, the five-letter word where so many people get lost: brand. It’s not as complicated as you might think … Continue reading

Two Ways to Ensure Body Language Improves Your Presentations

If it didn’t send a message, we wouldn’t call it body language. What you do with your body impacts the message your audience takes away from your presentation. To get the most positive impact from your body language in a presentation, you need to know these two things before you say your first word in the presentation: What’s your message? What’s the perception you want the audience to have of you and your presentation? The Impact of Body Language Body … Continue reading

Three Ways to Use Questions to Improve Your Presentations

Four question marks

We often think of presentations as a formal way to answer questions.  You can also use questions as a way to improve the impact of your presentations. In this video, I’ll share with you three techniques for using questions that can have a dramatic and immediate impact on the quality of your presentation. It will also help you to engage your audience early and often in the presentation. And after you watch the video, leave me a comment. Let me … Continue reading

Techniques for Using Notes in a Presentation

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A note about using notes in a presentation… You have probably had this experience before: You’re in the middle of a presentation, you look down at your notes and suddenly you can’t find what you’re looking for. Your heart starts racing. Your voice rises and octave. You panic. What you’re looking for is there. You just can’t find it. The key is knowing how to format your notes so you can always find what you’re looking for when you need … Continue reading

Where Should You Put the Q & A in Your Presentation?

Presenter at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Question: Where should you put the question and answer portion of your presentation? A. The beginning B. The middle C. Any place you sense it works for the audience D. All of the above I grade on an easy curve. No matter which answer you chose, you’re right. Q & A does a lot of for you The Q & A is a great tool to better understand  your audience, learn what audience members know, and understand your audience’s point … Continue reading

The Three Types of Presenters

Presenters at a podium

There are thousands of types of presentations that presenters can deliver. Short ones, long ones, informational, sales, casual, formal, one-on-one, one-to-many, group presentations, and so on. But no matter how many types of presentations you can count there are really only three types of presenters. Experience matters for presenters, but only so much Those styles actually have less to do with experience than you might think and more to do with courage and commitment. In this video, I explore the … Continue reading

Beware of Jargon in Your Presentation

Videographer pointing a camera at you

If you had a talk-back interview set up with CNN, a producer or cameraperson would give you an IFB, an interruptible feedback, to use during the interview. Are you good with that? Probably not. Because you likely don’t speak TV. And like any language, if you don’t speak that language it’s just noise, not communication, to you. Use layperson’s language The producer or cameraperson would give you one of those squiggly earpieces, the kind you see Secret Service Agents wearing. … Continue reading

What to do When Technology Fails in a Presentation

A PowerPoint projector, technology

It’s a sickening feeling. The big reveal. Drum roll please. Blank. Nothing. Technology failed you. That slide you had set up with so much expectation isn’t there. You can feel the air seeping out of your lungs, right along with your confidence. Every Presenter’s Worst Fear Every presenter dreads it. The stomach plunging feeling of technology letting you down at the worst possible moment–which, by the way, is always the exact moment the let down happens. A Simple Backup Plan … Continue reading

The Power of Pause

video pause button

To understand the power of pause look at any video on any website. You’ll see a little toolbar on the bottom of the video frame. It has symbols for play, stop, and pause. Your next business presentation, conversation, even meeting can benefit from that same toolbar. Pauses helps your audience. You hit “play” when you begin a presentation. For a lot of professionals, the problems begin soon after that. Most professionals and executives who I have watched over the years start … Continue reading

Stop Trying To Avoid Stage Fright!

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Performers who know the most about stage fright stop trying to avoid stage fright. A popular music group spends hours on stage every night—sometimes several days a week, several weeks a month. It adds up to hundreds of hours over the course of a year, thousands of hours over the course of a few years. And still many of them get stage fright. Kelly Zutrau, the lead singer of Wet said in an interview with Fuse that she doesn’t try … Continue reading