The Right Amount of Practice for a Presentation

Gerry in front of an audience delivering a presentation

A coaching client of mine shared with me last week her disappointment in a presentation. Before I could even ask why she said, “I know I didn’t put in enough work ahead of time. I didn’t practice enough.” Preparing a presentation is only the first step in the process. The Process Here are the three steps to a success presentation or speech: Prepare Practice Perform A lot of people get lost on step two: practice. Just because you put your … Continue reading

Putting Better Direction Into Your Next Presentation

Headlights of a classic car.

If you got in your car and drove for an hour with no destination in mind you could wind up just about anywhere. North, south, east, west, urban, suburban, rural, near water, far from water. Where you wound up would be random because you didn’t have a destination in mind. You were just trying to kill an hour. That’s the same mistake a lot of people make with their presentations: They don’t know where they’re trying to go so they … Continue reading

A Communication Secret of Effective Leaders

Baseball manager at a press conference.

All leaders face pressure. It goes with the job. Effective leaders find ways to focus pressure when it serves their purpose and diffuse pressure when it doesn’t serve their purpose. Get it wrong and a leader will compound a difficult situation. Get it right and a leader can help his or her entire team make a difficult situation look easy. Focus! Focusing attention takes discipline and, well, focus. Diffusing attention takes more subtle communication skills. Avoiding the obvious Baltimore Orioles … Continue reading

A Hidden Truth Has Power in a Presentation

A pawn casting the shadow of a king

Most people when they get to the front of room don’t dare show a hidden truth. Everything suffers because of that one mistake. It only takes one, small act of courage to change everything. Realizing this one insight will help set you free. We’re all hiding something We all have a shadow self, a talent, a hobby, an interest, a fear, a story that we keep hidden from public view. Sometimes for good reason. We think it will limit our … Continue reading