How Great Brands Use Presentations to Stand Apart From The Competition

G Sandusky, logo

When you think of great brands, famous brands, what do you think of? Usually one thing, one thing that they do better than anyone or different from everyone and that they do consistently: a product, a service, or an approach. The same idea works when it comes to presentations. You should use the front of the room to reinforce what makes you special, what makes you stand out by doing your “one thing” over and over. In this video I’ll show … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Room

An Elephant in the Room

This week a story broke that the son of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, a convicted uild molester, was arrested on charges of child molestation himself. Needless to say that triggered an avalanche of nasty traffic onto my social media channels just like a few years ago when Jerry Sandusky was arrested.ckle I put this tweet out on Twitter: “To all who again invite me to spend eternity in hell, just a friendly reminder, I am Gerry with a … Continue reading

Step-Up Your Presentation Game

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With a new year on the horizon, you may have started to put together your list of things you would like to accomplish and improve in 2017. If any of these items below are on your list, then this video can help you get there: Become a better presenter Run more effective meetings Save time preparing for speeches Rock the room! Improve communication skills Inspire people to accomplish more Close more deals with killer presentations None of those goals are … Continue reading

The Voice The World Needs to Hear

Logo for the show The Voice

I took the day off the other day because I had lost my voice. Ironically, I spent part of the evening watching the TV show The Voice with my wife. On the show singers compete for the big break in their career. Each competitor has something in common with nearly every professional I have worked with in developing their presentation, public speaking, or media interview skills. They have to overcome their fear to achieve their dream. And it’s a big … Continue reading

The Three Types of Presenters

Presenters at a podium

There are thousands of types of presentations that presenters can deliver. Short ones, long ones, informational, sales, casual, formal, one-on-one, one-to-many, group presentations, and so on. But no matter how many types of presentations you can count there are really only three types of presenters. Experience matters for presenters, but only so much Those styles actually have less to do with experience than you might think and more to do with courage and commitment. In this video, I explore the … Continue reading

The One Thing You Must Control in a Presentation

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As a presenter,  you have control of your content in a presentation but you often face a lot of things you can’t control: the space you present in, who attends, how much time you have to present. That goes with the territory. A good presenter learns to adjust to space, technology, and time. A high maintenance presenter becomes demanding about his or her space, technology, and time. There’s a time and place for the flexible presenter and the high-demand presenter. … Continue reading

How to Turn an Applause into a Standing Ovation

Gerry Sandusky getting a standing ovation

Every presenter dreams about it, wants it. The standing ovation that comes when you finish. Bam. The drop the mic moment. Most presenters think those magical finishes come because of them. They don’t. They come because the presenter got outside of his or her emotional needs and connected deeply to the needs or wants of the audience. In this video, I’ll show you an example of how by paying attention to the audience’s needs a presenter can create a connection … Continue reading

The Power of Pause

video pause button

To understand the power of pause look at any video on any website. You’ll see a little toolbar on the bottom of the video frame. It has symbols for play, stop, and pause. Your next business presentation, conversation, even meeting can benefit from that same toolbar. Pauses helps your audience. You hit “play” when you begin a presentation. For a lot of professionals, the problems begin soon after that. Most professionals and executives who I have watched over the years start … Continue reading

Why Every Professional Man Should Keep a Blue Blazer Handy

A man's blue blazer on a coat rack.

You almost always have a presentation on your schedule well ahead of time, but media interviews don’t always come with enough time to schedule. And sometimes you do need to fill-in last minute for someone in your organization who couldn’t make the presentation. That’s why every professional man should keep a blue blazer handy at the office. It’s the most versatile jacket because you can use it to dress up or down depending on the situation and the media outlet. … Continue reading

The Art of Question and Answer Sessions

A woman giving an interview on CNBC

The latest Republican political debate had one major surprise: Donald Trump didn’t talk for a 28 minute stretch. It also had one key teaching point for anyone who does a question and answer session in presentation: Start your answer where the question ends, not where you want. Carly Fiorina made this mistake a couple of times. When asked a question by one of the moderators, she began with, “I want to go back to…” Whoa. That’s not have Q & … Continue reading