Putting Better Direction Into Your Next Presentation

Headlights of a classic car.

If you got in your car and drove for an hour with no destination in mind you could wind up just about anywhere. North, south, east, west, urban, suburban, rural, near water, far from water. Where you wound up would be random because you didn’t have a destination in mind. You were just trying to kill an hour. That’s the same mistake a lot of people make with their presentations: They don’t know where they’re trying to go so they … Continue reading

Show Your Audience Something, Not Everything

A presenter overkilling his PowerPoint slides in front of an audience

I came across this photo on line and thought, ugh, same mistake most people make when they transfer their thoughts to PowerPoint: overkill. When it comes to words on PowerPoint, more is less. Let me explain. The more words you put on a PowerPoint slide, the less attention the audience gives to what you have to say. For people in the audience the visual of a slide filled with more than 80 words creates a feeling of anxiety, an actual … Continue reading