Step-Up Your Presentation Game

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With a new year on the horizon, you may have started to put together your list of things you would like to accomplish and improve in 2017. If any of these items below are on your list, then this video can help you get there: Become a better presenter Run more effective meetings Save time preparing for speeches Rock the room! Improve communication skills Inspire people to accomplish more Close more deals with killer presentations None of those goals are … Continue reading

How to Communicate Better in a Video Conference

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Video conference or tele-conferencing is no longer the way of the future. Thanks to Skype, Go-to-Meeting, and other services, it has evolved into one of the ways we communicate in business. But for too many people it remains awkward at best, avoided at worst. It doesn’t have to be. No matter how many people you have watching on the video conference, treat it as a one-on-one conversation. Too many business people approach a tele-conference as if they are suddenly broadcasting. … Continue reading