The Voice The World Needs to Hear

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I took the day off the other day because I had lost my voice. Ironically, I spent part of the evening watching the TV show The Voice with my wife. On the show singers compete for the big break in their career. Each competitor has something in common with nearly every professional I have worked with in developing their presentation, public speaking, or media interview skills. They have to overcome their fear to achieve their dream. And it’s a big … Continue reading

Overcoming the Fear Factor

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The number one issue that most of my clients share is fear: fear of failure, fear of rejection, and undefined fear—a sensation so strong they can’t even get to the bottom of it. For most people, stepping to the front of the room, stepping to the podium, or stepping in front of a camera for an interview triggers fear. That’s natural. Overcoming fear so you can shine starts with changing the word you attach to what you’re feeling. The rush … Continue reading