Build Presentations that Build Your Brand

A woman presenting her brand

  The worst reason to give a presentation is because you were asked to or—even worse—you were told to. The best reason to give a presentation is because you have a clear objective. And the best way to give that presentation is in a way that achieves your objective and supports your brand. It’s Not As Complicated as You Think Ah yes, the five-letter word where so many people get lost: brand. It’s not as complicated as you might think … Continue reading

How Great Brands Use Presentations to Stand Apart From The Competition

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When you think of great brands, famous brands, what do you think of? Usually one thing, one thing that they do better than anyone or different from everyone and that they do consistently: a product, a service, or an approach. The same idea works when it comes to presentations. You should use the front of the room to reinforce what makes you special, what makes you stand out by doing your “one thing” over and over. In this video I’ll show … Continue reading

Beware of Jargon in Your Presentation

Videographer pointing a camera at you

If you had a talk-back interview set up with CNN, a producer or cameraperson would give you an IFB, an interruptible feedback, to use during the interview. Are you good with that? Probably not. Because you likely don’t speak TV. And like any language, if you don’t speak that language it’s just noise, not communication, to you. Use layperson’s language The producer or cameraperson would give you one of those squiggly earpieces, the kind you see Secret Service Agents wearing. … Continue reading

How to Communicate Better in a Video Conference

Couple talking in a video conference

Video conference or tele-conferencing is no longer the way of the future. Thanks to Skype, Go-to-Meeting, and other services, it has evolved into one of the ways we communicate in business. But for too many people it remains awkward at best, avoided at worst. It doesn’t have to be. No matter how many people you have watching on the video conference, treat it as a one-on-one conversation. Too many business people approach a tele-conference as if they are suddenly broadcasting. … Continue reading

The More High-Tech We Become, The More High-Touch We Need

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Last month Apple created quite the buzz when it released its newest iPhone and its newest operating system for iPads and iPhones. I’m a big fan of Apple’s. I use all of their stuff. Now my iPhone prompts me to update to version 8.2. But version 8.2 of anything won’t help you become a better communicator. Only you can do that. Sure auto-fill and spell check and all the latest features make a few things easier but the more advanced … Continue reading

The Courage to Communicate Your Truth

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When Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam put his sexual orientation into the public eye, he seriously complicated his football future. That’s undeniable. Anyone who has ever had the courage to be first at anything will tell you that. He also unburdened his future as a human being with the courage of communicating his truth. I have no doubt that some NFL teams—perhaps even many NFL teams—will shy away from drafting Sam. There was a time, not so long ago, when … Continue reading