Two Ways to Ensure Body Language Improves Your Presentations

If it didn’t send a message, we wouldn’t call it body language. What you do with your body impacts the message your audience takes away from your presentation. To get the most positive impact from your body language in a presentation, you need to know these two things before you say your first word in the presentation: What’s your message? What’s the perception you want the audience to have of you and your presentation? The Impact of Body Language Body … Continue reading

Leaders are Always Communicating

A presenter looking over the crowd

When it comes to communicating, leaders don’t have a choice. They are always communicating—even when they aren’t talking. The photo of Ravens coach John Harbaugh shortly after his team’s loss to the San Diego Chargers on a last second touchdown reinforces that point. During his press conference, Harbaugh’s body language said far more than his words. The transcript of this press conference would lead you to believe the coach felt sad, maybe a little disappointed, very matter of fact. The … Continue reading