How to Slow Your Delivery in a Presentation

Delivery of Professional woman confident presenting

As soon as you walk to the front of the room to give your presentation, adrenaline kicks into overdrive.

That’s a good thing if you control it and allow it to energize you.

It becomes a bad thing if the adrenaline highjacks the pace of your delivery and turns you into a rapid-fire presenter.

In order to establish your control of the room, you first have to establish control of yourself. That means taking control of your delivery. There isn’t one perfect speed.

As a matter of fact, one speed is a problem, the biggest problem of talking too fast for too long.

Fast Delivery Isn’t the Only Problem

Talking fast isn’t the problem if you naturally talk fast. Talking faster than you usually talk for too long is where the problem happens.

You feel out of control.

Out of Control Hurts Your Audience

When you feel out of control, your audience loses confidence in you. Problem. The audience senses your lack of confidence. Then you sense your audience’s lack of confidence in you. That puts you into a negative spiral.

Focus More on Your Breathing

The speed of your delivery frequently has more to do with your breathing than your speaking.

In this video, I’ll show you a simple technique to correct your breathing that will help you speak slower and sound more confident in a presentation.


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