Moving from Room To Zoom

A program designed for trainers, managers, coaches, and anyone who has to make the shift from delivering programs on-site to delivering on-line.


Ideal for training and development, corporate training, association training programs, conferences moving to virtual conferences, and any programs you used to present in person and now must present on Zoom or other video conferencing services.

Moving a program, a meeting, a conference, from in-person to on-line is not as simple as standing in front of your laptop camera and talking. The right strategy and approach make all the difference.

Give your audience members what they want:




    • Real learning
    • Engagement, not fatigue
    • High levels of comfort with a virtual meeting, program, or conference
    • Creative connections
    • The desire for more!
    • Shared insight

Get what you need:


    • Reproducible strategies for developing and delivering programs online
    • The ability to leverage your knowledge to deliver programs literally anywhere
    • Develop the flexibility moving forward to deliver programs on-line and on-site.
    • A competitive advantage for your department, company, organization, or association over groups who don’t know the difference between on-site and on-line programs
    • The confidence and comfort of knowing what you are doing
    • Raving fans who want more

Module 1:  Re-Thinking and Preparing your Programs


    • Understanding and working with the four major differences between on-site and on-line programs
    • Addressing the unique issues of an on-line environment
    • Using short cycle learning
    • Producing for distracted attention spans
    • Re-purposing your materials for on-line programs
    • Step-by-step template and approach for re-formatting your programs for on-line
    • Producing Keynotes/PowerPoints to support your materials
    • 2-hour session

Module 2: Mastering the Medium


    • On-camera basics. Where to look and when to look there
    • How to use body language to increase your creditability and authority
    • Lighting: where it belongs and how to use it
    • Backdrops: The importance of scene-setting. Creating depth to create comfort
    • Fatigue: Why Zoom meetings drain you and what to do about it
    • Performance mechanics. Reducing audience fatigue by understanding what causes it and taking control
    • 2-hour session