ROI of Presentation Skills Training

We often have prospects interested in hiring us for one of our communication skills seminars, like Presenters Training Camp, who need measurable data to give to their C-level executives. “What’s the ROI?” is a commonly asked question.
When it comes to communication skills, ROI means two things. Return on Investment and Return on Impression.

Every time one of your people stands in front of a group of prospects or peers that person becomes your brand. They either reinforce your marketing efforts or undermine your marketing efforts. If they do a great job, your organization looks good. If they do a poor job in front of the room, your organization looks poor. And when your organization looks poor, you have both missed an opportunity and probably cost yourself a few marketing dollars to make up for it.The more traditional ROI is easily measured in shorter closing times for projects pitched as well as increased sales, etc. The key there lies in setting up a measurable, realistic goal structure. Here are a few examples:

Over the next six months:
Reduce closing time on sales by 25%
Increase sales by 20%
Increase cross-selling by 15%

You get the idea. When you have clearly defined, measurable goals that you can establish ahead of time, then you can use more traditional ROI measurements for the success of presentation skills seminar — or any type of communication skills coaching.

But even when you don’t have clearly defined, measurable goals to begin with, don’t think presentation skills represent only vague, soft skills. Research consistently shows 90-97% of Americans would rather die than make a presentation. The presentation skills your team develops will give them the confidence and the technical skill to put them (and your organization) ahead of at least 90% of your competition. Ninety percent is usually a powerful ROI number to share at the C-level.


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