Get Your Audience to Shift from Wanting to Needing Your Presentation

Presenter in front of a wall of post it notes giving a presentation the audience needs to hear.

Everyone you know has problems. Everyone you present to has problems. And everyone you present to is looking for solutions. 

That’s where you come in.

Their Problems = Your Opportunity

One fast and effective way to connect with your audience is to position your presentation as a solution to the audience’s problem or problems.

Use your understanding of the audience’s problem or problems to establish a report.

But the bulk of your content should help your audience move from problem to solution.

Pain Relief 

Helping people relieve their pain—whether that’s physical, financial, emotional, social, or psychological pain, will always position you as valuable since you provide the relief from the pain.

Give the audience a road map. Take the step by step from problem to solution. When you do that the audience motivation shifts from want to need. They want a good presentation. They need solutions to problems.

In this week’s video, I’ll show you a few simple steps to position your presentation as much more than just information. Instead, position it as a solution to problems. That will shift your audience to merely wanting to hear what you have to say to thinking it needs your presentation.


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