Media Coaching

Lights, Camera, Coaching

The Sandusky Group’s media coaching will show you and your team how to prepare, practice, and perform for any media interview.

We developed our media coaching, based on Gerry Sandusky’s three plus decades of experience working in the media and the proprietary models he has developed, The Perception Pyramid and the Core-4.

Our programs are highly interactive with extensive on-camera and simulated interview practice.


Media Coaching for Leadership Teams

One-on-One Coaching

Media Coaching for Leaders

  • A one-one-one program designed for leaders of organization who want to develop their skills without the pressure of doing in front of their team
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Media Coaching for Leadership Teams

Attendees will learn how to…

  • Establish and manage your message in the media
  • Understand audiences perception of individuals and organizations that appear in the media
  • Deliver key points in soundbites and quotes that support and reinforce branding efforts
  • Stay on point and avoid diluting your message in interviews
  • Develop on camera skills set ranging from wardrobe recommendations to body language that supports your brand and message for each participant
  • Coordinate public relations efforts with media appearances
  • Utilize media specific skills for handling TV, radio, Internet, and print-based interviews
  • Handle negative interview situations
  • Use media appearances in conjunction with social media to maximize the impact of media exposure
  • Develop confidence and clarity in delivering messages in the media

Media Coaching for Leaders
We cover all of the same principles and objectives as media coaching for teams, but we modify and customize the material around the unique skills, challenges, and demands of the individual leader. All leaders are unique. We help make those unique traits a strength.

All of our media coaching seminars also include…

  • Fashion consult via Skype with our professional stylist who will ensure you look your best for your media interviews
  • Follow-up emails support
  • Media pocket cards to get you instantly ready minutes before your interview

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