Answers to the Leadership Questions You Now Face

Free Q&A Session for Leaders:

The disruption of routine caused by COVID-19 has created havoc for everyone. Leaders feel it too. Managing a remote and agile workforce, finding your own bearings, and shifting from phase to phase as we transition to the “new normal” is unsettling.

It has also revealed for many leaders three areas where they are lacking:

  1. Their own sense of their personal brand (Here’s a hint: if you think it’s related to a logo, you might be a little lost here too)
  2. Keeping the uncertainties of location and remote work from undermining their productivity
  3. Communicating with their people on Zoom and other video conference calls

You aren’t alone.

That’s why we created the Leadership Playbook for the New Normal.

It’s a 3-part, 2-hour, live, on-line workshop. It’s for leaders like you. If you are looking to improve your brand, productivity, or communication skills we’re here to help. This program will help you improve in ways that work online and on-site, no matter where you work.

If you would like to learn more about this program, or just talk about the leadership challenges you face with other leaders, join us for a free, Q&A session Thursday, June 18th at 6pm ET. Click here to reserve your space:

In one of our first sessions, an attendee said this: “It was such a relief to find out I wasn’t the only leader feeling overwhelmed. I was amazed at how easy it was to get not only back on track, but on a stronger track than ever before.”

We hope to see you on Thursday night.

And if you have any questions about our upcoming, next session of the Leadership Playbook for the New Normal, I’m happy to schedule a short call with you to discuss it one-on-one. Just reach out to me at 



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