The Most Important Presentation You’ll Ever Give

Woman smiling while folding her arms and presenting herself

You don’t always know when you have to give your most important presentation. That’s what makes it so tricky.

Throughout the course of your life and your career you will make a lot of important presentations. Some will seem similar, others wildly different. In some you’ll have the front of the room to yourself. In others you will share the platform with someone else or even a team of people. 

Some of your presentations will raise awareness, some will raise money, some will raise emotions. 

The Common Denominator

But all of your presentations will have one things in common: YOU!

The most important presentation you will ever make is the one where you introduce yourself to a group of influential people, whether that’s the admissions council to the school of your dreams, the vice-president doing a job interview, an investor weighing whether to write a check or not, or the Baltimore Ravens. 

Not All Presentations are Planned

It happened last week to a young man named Tre Williams. Not long ago, Tre was walking home from school when he saw a house on fire. He went into the house and saved a woman’s life. When Ravens coach John Harbaugh heard about it, he invited Tre to practice and to take a tour of the Ravens facility.

Tre wasn’t expecting the next part. At the end of the practice, Coach Harbaugh called Tre into the team huddle to introduce himself and tell his story. The players loved him because Tre had the presence to be himself while presenting himself—in a presentation he was neither expecting nor “prepared” for. 

Take a look and step into the team huddle with Tre:

We may not all get an invitation to walk into the Ravens team huddle, but we all get chances to present ourselves, and that’s the most important presentation you will ever make. That presentation, from walking in the door at work to addressing a group of investors, is an opportunity to build your brand and influence how others perceive you. 

Your Brand

Do you know what your brand is?

Can you say it in four words or phrases?

I call it the Core-4™. Here’s mine:

  • Insightful communicator
  • Engaging presenter
  • Empowering leader
  • Transformational coach

Once you know your Core-4™, your brand, it becomes much easier to consistently present yourself or your organization.

Over the years I have noticed that most professionals draw a blank when I ask two questions:

  1. What’s your mother-in-law’s birthday?
  2. What’s your Core-4™?

The Step You Can Take to Learn Your Brand

I can’t do much to help you on the mother-in-law front. But if you would like to learn more about my Core-4™ program for individuals and organizations, send me an email to and we’ll start the conversation.

I can’t tell you what your next presentation will be but I can tell you that you will be the most important part of that presentation. 

Once you have a clear brand target you’re trying to hit each and every time life—and not just your schedule—calls on you to present yourself, you will understand and embrace the power behind the most important presentation you’ll ever make.

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