How & When to Use Humor in Presentations

Women laughing together

Humor covers a lot of territory. And most of it is tricky terrain. It can come across as playful or hurtful, insightful or biting. Planned and staged or organic and natural.

You can use it to make fun of yourself, self-deprecating humor or use it to make fun of other peoples.

You can use it to warm up an audience in a presentation or you can misuse it and turn off an audience.

Very different styles. Very different outcomes.

User beware.

All Humor is not Created Equal

Saying you want to use humor in a presentation is a little like going to an art gallery and saying you want to see paintings. There are a lot of different options.

There is no doubt, that in the right hands, it adds dimension, texture, and enjoyment to a presentation. In the wrong hands it can turn an hour or an afternoon into pure agony.

The How and The When

In this week’s video, I take a look at using humor in presentations. How to use it. When to us it. Who should use it. And who and when not to use it.

This week’s video might make you smile and laugh. Or it might make you flinch. Humor always comes with that risk.



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