What to do When Technology Fails in a Presentation

A PowerPoint projector, technology

It’s a sickening feeling. The big reveal. Drum roll please. Blank. Nothing. Technology failed you. That slide you had set up with so much expectation isn’t there. You can feel the air seeping out of your lungs, right along with your confidence.

Every Presenter’s Worst Fear

Every presenter dreads it. The stomach plunging feeling of technology letting you down at the worst possible moment–which, by the way, is always the exact moment the let down happens.

A Simple Backup Plan for Technology

Sure high-tech backup plans come in handy, but you also need a low-tech backup plan for the inevitable time when technology fails you–and it will fail you.

Don’t Let the Audience See You Sweat

In this video, I’ll show you a simple backup plan that you can always fall back on so when the projector fails, the slide disappears, or the special effect isn’t so special after all, you can still make your point without your audience sensing panic or seeing your sweat.

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