The More High-Tech We Become, The More High-Touch We Need

Last month Apple created quite the buzz when it released its newest iPhone and its newest operating system for iPads and iPhones. I’m a big fan of Apple’s. I use all of their stuff. Now my iPhone prompts me to update to version 8.2. But version 8.2 of anything won’t help you become a better communicator.

Only you can do that.

Sure auto-fill and spell check and all the latest features make a few things easier but the more advanced technology becomes the more important the basics of communication become—the high-touch basics: eye contact, attention, hand shakes, listening, taking the time to understand another person, body language, appearance.

If you want more people to understand you, put a little more attention on the basics and a little less reliance on version 8.whatever. All that said, sure, I upgraded my Apple products to IOS 8 and I like it. But I still prefer a handshake, looking a colleague in the eyes, and reading body language over reading a text message.

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