How to Use Current Uncertainty to Double Your Future Impact

By now you know uncertainty is the new normal. While some states are opening up others are closing back down. Business meetings remain, for the most part, remote and on video. Travel is complicated. Conferences, large gatherings, big events all remain the realm of some time in the future.

Crisis is also Opportunity

Until there is a coronavirus vaccine—and likely for some time after there is one—we all have to learn how to communicate effectively in new ways from remote settings. But that doesn’t mean we have to look at this as a hardship. It’s actually an amazing opportunity.

Fast forward a year, two years, five years. The day will come when we won’t worry about the coronavirus and its impact on our lives, our businesses, and our careers. And when that day does come, we won’t go back to doing everything the old way. Yes, with a little luck we’ll have conventions and concerts again. We’ll have handshakes and high fives. But we’ll also have the experience of not driving two hours to a business meeting that we can take in our home office on Zoom.

What You do Now Impacts What You’ll Do Later

How you handle this current crisis and the communication skills you develop during it will have a big impact on your ability to grow into the future.

If you see the current uncertainty as an opportunity than one thing is certain: you’ll be a more diverse and complete communicator in the future.


One thought on “How to Use Current Uncertainty to Double Your Future Impact

  1. Thanks, Gerry! Good practical and insightful advice as we all adapt to a “Zoom” world in which we still need to do business!

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