How to Look More Confident in Presentations

Smiling business woman in a presentation

Most people agree that a confident presenter has much greater influence on his or her audience.

Whether you are new to presenting or an experienced presenter, you don’t always have as much confidence as you would like. Even the most experienced presenters have days when their confidence runs a little low.

But just because you’re not feeling it in a presentation doesn’t mean you should ever show your lack of confidence.

Avoid Show and Tell

There are three easy ways to avoid negative show and tell–showing the audience the lack of confidence that you would never actually tell them about.

In this video, I’ll show you some powerful techniques that will make the audience think you feel confident. And as the presentation continues, that will make you feel more confident. Sometimes you just have to show it until you know it.

This will help you do just that.


More Ways to Improve Your Confidence

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