Clocking How You Handle Change

Now that we have jumped ahead an hour following daylight savings time, have you changed the time on the clock in your car. Some car clocks do it automatically, but many—like mine—still require pulling out the owner’s manual to figure out how to do it. As I glanced over at my clock driving in to work today, I found myself going through the same five steps we all go through anytime something changes in our life.

Step 1: Denial—no I don’t have to dig out the owner’s manual and do this again, do I?

Step 2: Anger—#!$% it. Why don’t they make it easier to do this stuff?

Step 3: Uncertainty—I’m not sure it feels right being 2:16 right now. Still feels like 1:16

Step 4: Acceptance—Well this is how it is now. I might as well get used to it.

Step 5: Integration—This feels normal now.

When you change anything in your life from the time on the clock to how you approach a major presentation, you will experience going through those five steps or you will get stuck in one of those steps. The faster you get to integration the better you become at embracing change. The longer it takes you to get to integration, the more difficult you will find change.

And if you’re not sure how quickly you adapt to change, just look at the clock in your car. If it hasn’t changed when the rest of the country has, then that probably says a lot about how you do—or don’t—deal with change.

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