Change Your Perspective, Change Your Impact

Ravens Charter Flight wing from a different angle

This season with the Ravens struggling to a 1-5 start, a lot of people ask me if it’s hard on me as the play-by-play voice of the team. I suppose it could be if I let it, but I don’t. I feel bad for members of the front office, the coaches, the players, the people whose jobs, lives, families, revolve around the outcome of games on Sundays. But I never let myself fall prey to feeling like I’m not the luckiest guy in the world to have a job I always dreamed of having. Sure, it’s an easier job when the team wins, but I can’t control that. What I can control is my perspective. The picture to the right is one I took from the rear door of the plane shortly after boarding last week in San Francisco. I’m looking up at the tail of a huge plane at a brilliant moon on a beautiful night. You can’t do that on a commercial flight—at least not without getting into really big trouble! Tonight I’ll see University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and that will complete the loop for me. I will have been to every NFL stadium currently in use. C’mon that’s on a lot of people’s bucket list and I’m getting paid to do it.

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I’m not a mindless optimist or a Pollyanna who doesn’t see reality. Sure, I see the struggle for this team this year and I feel the pain and disappointment of fans, but that doesn’t mean I have allow the struggle, pain, and disappointment to swallow me or to dictate my mood. If I do that then I’ll miss all the amazing gifts that my journey presents me.

I point this out because we all face challenges on our journeys, problems we meet along the way. But each of those problems, if we let them, can also lead us to amazing opportunities. But to see those opportunities we have to change our perspective, see things in a new, fresh way. Once you do that you have new found power to influence others whether that’s in front of the room, in front of a microphone, or just in the front seat at the head of  your dining room table.

Like most Ravens fans I would love to see this team go on a win streak and turn this season around, but whether or not that happens, I am committed to finding ways to enjoy my amazing vantage point. And the more I look for good things around me, the more I see them.

Give it a try. It will change the way you see things. Once that happens you then have the power of influence to help others do the same.

One thought on “Change Your Perspective, Change Your Impact

  1. Gerry you are so right and I am with you.
    I support your viewcand I have faith that everything that presents it’s self is an opportunity to change you perspective.
    In addition I always support my team…. To RAVENS !!!!!!

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