Be Quick. Attention Spans are Shrinking.

A goldfish jumping from an empty bowl of water to another with other goldfish

Last year Microsoft released research that impacts everyone who makes presentations, holds meetings, or needs to hold someone else’s attention. Be quick. Attention spans are shrinking. The research shows that the attention span of the average North American has shrunk to eight seconds. Not coincidently that’s about how long a typical soundbite lasts on a network TV news program. Here’s the truly alarming part. In 2000 the average North American had a 12 second attention span. In the late 21st … Continue reading

Communicating When You Aren’t Talking

A highway with traffic and traffic signs

We live in a politically correct world—or at the very least a world that punishes people when they get caught speaking in terms that aren’t politically correct. But we still haven’t caught on to the idea that we have options with our body language. I made a turn onto a main road the other day when an aggressive driver cut into my lane. I hit the horn to make sure he saw me and didn’t hit me. He responded by … Continue reading

Overcoming the Fear Factor

G Sandusky, logo

The number one issue that most of my clients share is fear: fear of failure, fear of rejection, and undefined fear—a sensation so strong they can’t even get to the bottom of it. For most people, stepping to the front of the room, stepping to the podium, or stepping in front of a camera for an interview triggers fear. That’s natural. Overcoming fear so you can shine starts with changing the word you attach to what you’re feeling. The rush … Continue reading

The Power of Honesty in Interviews

Haloti Ngata and Gerry Sandusky interview on live TV

So often in media interviews, the person on the receiving end of the question wants to avoid the truth on questions like, “Who is responsible for the screw ups on the health care websites?” Audiences today have become so experienced at watching the side-step that it really doesn’t work anymore. Poise and polish alone no longer get the job done. Truth is the new outlandish. I experienced that first hand earlier this week while doing an interview with Ravens defensive … Continue reading

Welcome to our New Site

My college football coach, Phil Albert, said something once before a practice that has always stuck with me. “All of us, at every stage of our lives, are either improving or declining. There is no staying the same. If you’re staying the same, you aren’t growing. If you aren’t growing, you aren’t improving.” I hope you enjoy the improvements we’ve made on our new website. It’s more than just a new look, new logo, new graphics. It’s an aligned, integrated, … Continue reading

TV Skills Have Become Business Skills

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During a recent business trip I came across the latest marriage of business and video when I rented a car. At the Phoenix airport, when I arrived at the Hertz Rental desk, I found the company had two service agents working behind the desk and a third employee pointing customers to a series of kiosks where agents transacted business on video monitors. More and more companies find ways to use video and on-camera appearances for business purposes: in-house broadcasts, conference … Continue reading

Control Yourself, Not the Media

A Media Coaching Camera recording

You can’t control the media, and, for the most part, you can’t control how a camera person shoots you in an interview, but you can always control yourself in a TV interview. Any time you sit down for a TV interview, don’t wait for the interviewer or the camera person to tell you that the camera is rolling. Presume it is on. Once you sit in front of a TV camera and put on a microphone you surrender control. Ethically, … Continue reading