How to Make Bullets Points More Conversational

Presenter at white board with bullets
  • Bullets are better than paragraphs in PowerPoint
  • We’ve all seen plenty of them on slides
  • More often than not presenters misuse them
  • If you use too many of them you’ll lose your audience’s attention
  • Too many pages of bullets in a row have the same negative effect

Bullets have their place

I’m not against using bullets on PowerPoint slides in your presentations.

They have their place. But their place is not every place.

Too many presenters use too many bullets in too many presentations.

Bullets have some natural strengths

  • They draw the viewers eye to them
  • They create some white space on the page
  • They create a sense of focus

Bullets also have some natural weaknesses

  • They create a sort of cadence that becomes predictable
  • They start to feel like a lecture
  • They make the audience feel like you are firing information at them instead of talking with them.

The bottom line is sometimes you have to use bullets. When you do, follow the pointers in this video and you’ll get far out of your bullets.

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