Brand Promise vs Brand Statement

April 2011
While preparing for an upcoming Brandscend™ seminar for a client I got to thinking about the two questions all businesses must ask themselves when it comes to defining their brand:

What is your brand statement?
What is your brand promise?

That usually leads to a third question: What’s the difference?

Brand statement reflects how each member of your organization approaches your clients and customers. It’s what each member of your team says about your organization: your focus, mindset, and essence of what you do. Brand promise describes the way your clients and customers will perceive your organization if you consistently live up to your brand statement.

You create your brand statement. It gives you a unifying sense of purpose. You strive to live up to your brand promise. It gives you a standard to live up to.
At The Sandusky Group our brand statement is “We help our clients articulate their message with confidence in ways that transform their ability to reach their goals.”

Our brand promise is we will help you communicate your excellence—better than you ever thought possible, with more fun than you would imagine.

Now it’s your turn:

What is your brand statement?
What is your brand promise?

Until you know the answers, your organization won’t have the answers it needs to help fully solve the needs of your your customers and clients.


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