How a Comedian Can Help You Improve Your Next Presentation

Comedian on Stage

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I took my son and his friends (all over 21 years old) to a comedy club where I saw a comedian use a seamless technique to get the audience involved his routine. Any business presenter can use the same technique–without having to be funny. It comes down to this, a technique all good comedians and trial lawyers use: ask leading questions—all while the audience thinks you are just having a conversation. How the … Continue reading

A Simple Way to Share Complicated Material in a Presentation

A finger showing how to navigate complicated material in a presentation

The only thing harder than getting an audience’s attention is getting it back after you’ve lost it. Once they’re gone, they’re usually gone for good. Oh, you might still see people sitting in front of you, but they’ve checked out. And nothing gets people to check out faster in a presentation than confusing them with complicated information. That said, there are plenty of times we have to present complicated, intricate, or complex information. Do it in a way that makes … Continue reading

What Country Music Singers Can Teach You About Business Presentations

Two musicians playing guitar on stage.

My wife and I spent last weekend in Nashville where our son lives. We had a Sunday Fun-Day, hitting different bars and restaurants around town listening to music. After seeing six or seven different performers and duos a couple of parallels emerged between performers and business presenters. When the spotlight shines on you, you have to be ready to shine too. Just get going! The Spotlight: They use a spotlight for a reason. It shows people where to look. Audiences … Continue reading

How to Use Stories Unrelated to Your Presentation Topic to Improve Your Presentation

Man speaking into a microphone telling a story

A few years ago I heard Colin Powell speak at a conference. He spoke for about an hour and he touched on the many highlights of his career: four-star general, National Security Advisor, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State. Heady stuff. What Audiences Remember But after the audience left Powell’s presentation, I noticed what audience members talked about in the lobby. They talked about stories Powell shared, especially a fun story he shared about his … Continue reading

How to Give a Speech or Presentation Like a Hall of Famer

Sign that reads Hall of Fame

Can you imagine the thrill of getting inducted into a hall of fame and joining a list of immortals? What would you say at your induction speech? The answer to that second question has led to talks that range from good to great to awful. The Path of Greatness It takes consistent greatness in your sport to make it to the hall of fame. Once you get there, it takes adherence to a proven set of principles to ensure your … Continue reading

Easy Fixes to Common Writing Errors

Blue background that reads Common Writing Errors

If, like a lot of us, you have ever written your when you intended to tell someone that you are special to me, or if you wrote bear bones when you wanted to express a lack of resources instead of the skeletal structure of a large mammal then you know small mistakes in word choice can lead to sizable misunderstandings. Words Matter Whether you communicate in front of the room, in front of the media, or in writing, we can all … Continue reading

Move Your Audience By Moving Your Voice

Presenter speaking to audience about the power of using your voice to move an audience

Every presenter wants to move his or her audience. Whether that’s moving the audience emotionally or moving the audience to take action, one of the easiest ways to do it is by moving your voice. In this video, I’ll share with you three powerful ways to move people and you can do it with a tool you already have and know how to use: your voice!   Click here to learn more about my online and 1-on-1 coaching program to … Continue reading

What’s Your Story?

A storyteller on a mountain

Everyone loves a good story. Not everyone loves bullet points or PowerPoint slides. Remembering that one thing can help you build more impactful presentations this year. Two Steps to Improving Your Presentations in 2018 If you do these two things, I guarantee your presentations will improve: Tell more stories Show fewer slides Look, we’ve all seen a million slides by now. We’ve even seen plenty of great videos. But we probably haven’t gotten to know you as well as we … Continue reading

Use Less “I” and More “They” in Presentations

Professionals gathered around a conference table for presentations.

The fastest way to improve your presentations and your presentation skills is to get over yourself. Once you get over the idea that the presentation is about you, then getting up in front of the room or in front of a camera gets far easier. There’s a powerful shift that takes place when you change one thing about your approach to presentations: your focus. The shift in focus of your presentations When you focus less on yourself and more on … Continue reading

The Big Idea That Will Improve Your Next Presentation

Light bulb signifying a big idea.

One big idea can change everything. Think of your favorite song. In a few words, what is that song about? Think of a movie you really love. In a few words, what is that move about? That’s the big idea. It’s the idea that everything else revolves around. And too often it’s missing from presentations. The Big Idea at Work After you watch a movie, you don’t remember every single line said in every single scene. You remember what the movie … Continue reading