The Power of Using Pictures in Presentations

Four blocks forming an abstract face and powerful pictures

We’ve all had the experience of seeing stunning pictures that stay with us. Look at the photo to the right, an abstract of a human face. Which has a more significant impact on you? Seeing the picture of an abstract human face or reading the line, abstract human face? Pictures have the power to say more than words and to stay with us longer than words. Picture Superiority Effect Researchers call it the picture superiority effect, the ability for people to … Continue reading

The #1 Mistake to Avoid in Your Presentation Open

Man on phone talking about presentation tips

In day-to-day interactions, we typically begin with an introduction. “Hi, I’m Gerry–with a G…” But in presentations, the introduction is not where you want to begin. The Audience Isn’t There For You The people who come to your presentation usually arrive for one of two reasons: Someone told them they had to show up They think they will get something valuable out of the presentation That’s it. Unless it’s your mom sitting there in the front row, or maybe a … Continue reading

How to Make Bullets Points More Conversational

Presenter at white board with bullets

Bullets are better than paragraphs in PowerPoint We’ve all seen plenty of them on slides More often than not presenters misuse them If you use too many of them you’ll lose your audience’s attention Too many pages of bullets in a row have the same negative effect Bullets have their place I’m not against using bullets on PowerPoint slides in your presentations. They have their place. But their place is not every place. Too many presenters use too many bullets in too … Continue reading

The One Letter on Your Keyboard That Can Improve Your PowerPoint

Arrow pointing to the B key on a laptop keyboard

Wouldn’t you love it if one letter on your keyboard could solve a problem? For this problem, press X. For that problem, press Y. For another problem, press the b-key. Problem solved. Sounds good, right? Well, there is a one letter solution to one of the most vexing problems with PowerPoint. Sounds good, right? Well, there is a one letter solution to one of the most vexing problems with PowerPoint. Well, there is a one letter solution to one of … Continue reading

How to Slow Your Delivery in a Presentation

Delivery of Professional woman confident presenting

As soon as you walk to the front of the room to give your presentation, adrenaline kicks into overdrive. That’s a good thing if you control it and allow it to energize you. It becomes a bad thing if the adrenaline highjacks the pace of your delivery and turns you into a rapid-fire presenter. In order to establish your control of the room, you first have to establish control of yourself. That means taking control of your delivery. There isn’t … Continue reading

How to Use Technology to Keep Your Audience Engaged in Presentations

Powerpoint projector in a presentation conference room

Remember the first time you used a word processing program like Word or Pages? Remember the urge to try 19 different fonts? Maybe you actually did use as many font types and sizes imaginable. Once. Then the feedback likely taught you that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It overwhelms the communication. It overwhelms the communication. Use technology effectively, not exclusively. Technology in a presentation works along those same lines. You want to use it but … Continue reading

7 Ways to Improve Your Next Presentation

Presenters at a podium

I’m always searching for insights, tips, and techniques to help people get more out of their presentations. Here are 7 ways to improve your next presentation, some pointers, and suggestions from seven different sources, from the Ted Talk guide to public speaking to Guy Kawasaki’s insights. A broad range of tips These tips range from shaping ideas to creating PowerPoint decks. You don’t need to embrace all seven ideas. I recommend finding one idea that resonates with you and work … Continue reading

How to Handle an Emergency Presentation or Interview on Skype

Man with cellphone handling emergency presentation on Skype

The nature of emergencies is you don’t see them coming. Unfortunately in the era of Skype and video conferencing, an emergency can mean everyone else can see you caught off guard. The trick is finding a way to be your best when you don’t have time to look your best. I can help you there. Welcome to Skype emergencies In the age of video conferencing, an emergency can quickly become a Skype emergency. And even though you didn’t see it … Continue reading

How to Look More Confident in Presentations

Smiling business woman in a presentation

Most people agree that a confident presenter has much greater influence on his or her audience. Whether you are new to presenting or an experienced presenter, you don’t always have as much confidence as you would like. Even the most experienced presenters have days when their confidence runs a little low. But just because you’re not feeling it in a presentation doesn’t mean you should ever show your lack of confidence. Avoid Show and Tell There are three easy ways … Continue reading

How to Use a Podium in a Presentation

Gerry Sandusky hand gestures behind podium

Sometimes you can’t control it. You have to use a podium. You can still use it well. Podiums serve two major purposes: They give the presenter a place to put notes. They give the event organizer a way to use one, stationary microphone, instead of needing multiple wireless microphones or a hand-held mic with a cord. The Real Problem with Podiums: Here’s the big problem with podiums: They put an object, a barrier, in between the presenter and the audience. … Continue reading