How to Use Current Uncertainty to Double Your Future Impact

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By now you know uncertainty is the new normal. While some states are opening up others are closing back down. Business meetings remain, for the most part, remote and on video. Travel is complicated. Conferences, large gatherings, big events all remain the realm of some time in the future. Crisis is also Opportunity Until there is a coronavirus vaccine—and likely for some time after there is one—we all have to learn how to communicate effectively in new ways from remote … Continue reading

Answers to the Leadership Questions You Now Face

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Free Q&A Session for Leaders: The disruption of routine caused by COVID-19 has created havoc for everyone. Leaders feel it too. Managing a remote and agile workforce, finding your own bearings, and shifting from phase to phase as we transition to the “new normal” is unsettling. It has also revealed for many leaders three areas where they are lacking: Their own sense of their personal brand (Here’s a hint: if you think it’s related to a logo, you might … Continue reading

Free Webinar to Help You Thrive in Remote Work

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Free Webinar: Leading in the 2-Dimensional World—How to Maximize Remote Work Free Webinar, Thursday, April 30th at 1:30 PM Leading in a 2-Dimensional World—How to Maximize Remote Work Click here to join us for the Free Webinar I hope you can join us. Here’s to finding a way to thrive despite all of the current challenges. My best, G.

Where to Look in a Video Meeting

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The massive shift to remote work has driven millions of people into one of their most dreaded situations: appearing on camera. Fortunately, it’s not as intimidating as you might think. In this video, I’ll share some simple tips I’ve learned in more than three decades of working in television when it comes to working on camera. Job one: know where to look and when to look there. If you are speaking, look at the camera If someone else is speaking, … Continue reading

Managing Communication During Isolation

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Email me your number one professional communication challenge during isolation: Pretty good chance you didn’t think Spring would look like this. None of us did. But here we are. The immediate future looks wildly uncertain. And while I firmly believe we will get through this, I also believe we will step into a very different future than any of us anticipated at the start of the year. If we take a creative approach we can create success out of … Continue reading

Two Technology Tools to Avoid in Your Presentations

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You put a lot of work into your presentations. And technology should help to make your life and your presentations easier to prepare, to practice, and to perform. Should. But sometimes it doesn’t. And it really isn’t technology’s fault. It’s our fault. We all make the mistake of thinking all technology will make everything easier. Sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. There are a couple of technology tools you should avoid using when it comes to your presentations. In … Continue reading

How to Make Time Disappear in Your Next Presentation

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Your time becomes more valuable the busier you get. And there’s a pretty good chance you are busier now than you were three, five, or ten years ago. We all are. That includes nearly every person in the audience of your next presentation. Your audience doesn’t have any more time to waste than you do. And you are competing for your audience’s attention, a nearly constant fight against time and the myriad of things they can do with their limited … Continue reading