Why Every Professional Man Should Keep a Blue Blazer Handy

A man's blue blazer on a coat rack.

You almost always have a presentation on your schedule well ahead of time, but media interviews don’t always come with enough time to schedule. And sometimes you do need to fill-in last minute for someone in your organization who couldn’t make the presentation. That’s why every professional man should keep a blue blazer handy at the office. It’s the most versatile jacket because you can use it to dress up or down depending on the situation and the media outlet.

Paired with a light colored dress shirt and a bright tie and pocket square a blue blazer dress up nicely. Paired with a nice polo or a well made tee-shirt and jeans a blue blazer dress down and trendy. It’s hard to dress down a suit or dress up a tee-shirt by themselves. A blue blazer gives you the flexibility to move in either direction at a moment’s notice.

And in the event you find yourself in the spotlight of a media emergency, you want to focus the maximum amount of time on preparing your target perception and key points. What you wear will impact the audience’s perception of your first—before anything you say. The blue blazer gives you the most flexibility to match your look with your target perception. But only if you have it with you.

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If you have an office door, keep a blue blazer hanging on the back. I keep one at my office because I never know when something might break that will put me in front of a camera, but I do know that with a blue blazer handy I can meet the moment without having my attire look wildly too casual or too formal based on the situation.

I keep a black one around too, but start with blue. It’s more versatile and works with more colors than black. If you are the type that likes to prepare for anything—and you have the coat hooks or coat rack to handle it then keep a black blazer around too.

Here’s a great resource article on matching items with a blue blazer: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/navy-blazer-matching/

This will help you dress for media, meetings, presentations or just a night out. But being able to pull off the perfect look to match your message when you don’t have much advance warning is something that can help you stand out from the others in your organization or your field.


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