The Big Idea That Will Improve Your Next Presentation

Light bulb signifying a big idea.

One big idea can change everything.

Think of your favorite song. In a few words, what is that song about?

Think of a movie you really love. In a few words, what is that move about?

That’s the big idea.

It’s the idea that everything else revolves around. And too often it’s missing from presentations.

The Big Idea at Work

After you watch a movie, you don’t remember every single line said in every single scene. You remember what the movie was about.

Same with a song.

Okay, after dozens of listens to your favorite song you may know all the lyrics, but usually, you remember a melody, a line, an idea. You remember, the big idea.

How to Use The Big Idea

To create more powerful presentations, reverse engineer them. Don’t start with PowerPoint or case studies, or thousands of words. Start with one big idea and use that to guide you, just like musicians do when they create hit songs. In this video, I’ll show you how.

One thought on “The Big Idea That Will Improve Your Next Presentation

  1. Great video! This can easily be applied to many situations in life. If more time is spent focusing on the big idea and supporting it, ultimately the idea be a success. The tips in these videos are gold!

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