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Gerry Sandusky is the author of Forgotten Sundays, a compelling, coming-of-age story of a father-son relationship and the value of a good name, which Gerry Sandusky knows all too well. He has had to endure having an unfortunate name in sports, but to him the Sandusky name means something entirely different: honor, integrity, endurance, and suffering and sadness.

Forgotten Sundays follows the life and relationship between Gerry Sandusky and his father—former NFL tackle John Sandusky and coach for the Baltimore Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins under the tutelage of legendary Coach Don Shula. Gerry spent his summers observing his father in NFL training camps and his Sundays with superstars, Hall of Fame players and coaches from Johnny Unitas to Dan Marino, from Don Shula to Tom Landry.

Gerry’s relationship with his father evolved through stages of worship, disillusionment, vulnerability, tragedy, and friendship. Along the way he learned about the nature of manhood from observations, clues, and interactions—more often than not unspoken. It was when Gerry reached fatherhood himself and when John Sandusky began to tumble into the gauzy confusion of Alzheimer’s disease that he began to understand his father on a much deeper level.

Heartfelt, intelligent, at times humorous, at times tragic, Forgotten Sundays, explores the intricacies of a father-son relationship and the nuances of how and what a son learns from a father. It plumbs the meaning of a family name, and it is an inspiration to others to embrace their own legacy and cherish their memories.

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  • “A career in professional sports (or coaching if you want) represents a shared sacrifice for an entire family but that sacrifice can also bring families together. In Forgotten Sundays Gerry Sandusky perfectly encapsulates and describes that unique dynamic.”

    Ross Tucker – Former NFL player, Radio host, color commentator, and host of “The Ross Tucker Football Podcast”

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