Don’t Start Your Presentation with an Agenda Slide

When you watch great movies—from any genre—you’ll notice one consistent thing: They don’t start with an agenda slide. Your presentation shouldn’t either. And largely for the same reason they don’t use them in movies. They’re boring.

The Down Side

Audiences see agenda slide and they start doing a mental calculation of how long everything will take. And if you don’t get to everything, the audience will know that too. That’s a lot of downside.

You want the open of your presentation to have energy, insight, interest. You want to hook the audience, get people engaged, and make time disappear. I’ve never seen an agenda slide to that.

The One Thing Audiences Never Miss

In the above video, I’ll show you a few options for working around agenda slides. And I promise you that when you finish, no one will come up to you and say, “I really wish that presentation had included an agenda slide.”

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