7 Ways to Improve Your Next Presentation

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I’m always searching for insights, tips, and techniques to help people get more out of their presentations. Here are 7 ways to improve your next presentation, some pointers, and suggestions from seven different sources, from the Ted Talk guide to public speaking to Guy Kawasaki’s insights.

A broad range of tips

These tips range from shaping ideas to creating PowerPoint decks.

You don’t need to embrace all seven ideas. I recommend finding one idea that resonates with you and work with it for awhile. Trying to do too much too fast will usually just lead to feeling overwhelmed and make you want to quit.

Do one thing better

The front of the room is a tricky place. If you can walk up there and execute one thing better every time, you will quickly become a powerful presenter who can move audiences to action. That doesn’t mean trying to do everything better every time. Master one skill at a time.

The real mastery you’re going for

You may never master the front of the room. That’s okay. That’s not the objective anyway. You want to master yourself and maximize your own abilities. Do that and the front of the room will eventually become your most comfortable place in the room and it’s where you will also find the biggest competitive advantage.

There’s no magic in the number seven. The magic is finding the one, the one thing you become great at. That gives you a higher platform to grow from.

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7 Ways to Make Your Next Presentation Your Best Yet

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