Improve Your Communication by Improving Your Listening

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Becoming a better communicator doesn’t begin with thinking of the next thing you want to say or even how to say it. It begins with becoming a better listener. Too often we only listen long enough to figure out what we want to say. There’s a far more effective way to approach listening and it literally requires you to do nothing. But don’t confuse that with easy.

Build Presentations that Build Your Brand

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  The worst reason to give a presentation is because you were asked to or—even worse—you were told to. The best reason to give a presentation is because you have a clear objective. And the best way to give that presentation is in a way that achieves your objective and supports your brand. It’s Not As Complicated as You Think Ah yes, the five-letter word where so many people get lost: brand. It’s not as complicated as you might think … Continue reading

Increasing Influence Begins with Better Eye Contact

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In this age of remote work and remote communication, eye contact equals influence. To lead effectively, you need to get comfortable with making eye contact—even if that now means making eye contact with a camera lens. It’s a learnable skill, a skill you can quickly develop. And the faster you become comfortable with making eye contact, albeit remotely, the faster others will feel comfortable connecting with you in remote communication.