How to Use Stories Unrelated to Your Presentation Topic to Improve Your Presentation

Man speaking into a microphone telling a story

A few years ago I heard Colin Powell speak at a conference. He spoke for about an hour and he touched on the many highlights of his career: four-star general, National Security Advisor, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State. Heady stuff. What Audiences Remember But after the audience left Powell’s presentation, I noticed what audience members talked about in the lobby. They talked about stories Powell shared, especially a fun story he shared about his … Continue reading

How to Give a Speech or Presentation Like a Hall of Famer

Sign that reads Hall of Fame

Can you imagine the thrill of getting inducted into a hall of fame and joining a list of immortals? What would you say at your induction speech? The answer to that second question has led to talks that range from good to great to awful. The Path of Greatness It takes consistent greatness in your sport to make it to the hall of fame. Once you get there, it takes adherence to a proven set of principles to ensure your … Continue reading

Easy Fixes to Common Writing Errors

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If, like a lot of us, you have ever written your when you intended to tell someone that you are special to me, or if you wrote bear bones when you wanted to express a lack of resources instead of the skeletal structure of a large mammal then you know small mistakes in word choice can lead to sizable misunderstandings. Words Matter Whether you communicate in front of the room, in front of the media, or in writing, we can all … Continue reading