The Big Idea That Will Improve Your Next Presentation

Light bulb signifying a big idea.

One big idea can change everything. Think of your favorite song. In a few words, what is that song about? Think of a movie you really love. In a few words, what is that move about? That’s the big idea. It’s the idea that everything else revolves around. And too often it’s missing from presentations. The Big Idea at Work After you watch a movie, you don’t remember every single line said in every single scene. You remember what the movie … Continue reading

When to Sit or Stand in a Conference Room Presentation

Man with paper in a conference room presentation.

Sit or stand when presenting in a conference room? Too often presenters sit during their presentation because they feel more comfortable. They feel like they can “hide” a little and not put themselves fully out there. Other times presenters stand and make too much of a point with their body language. Choose wrong and you’ll miss the mark with your audience. Two Key Questions When Presenting in a Board Room Knowing when to sit or stand isn’t about your personal … Continue reading