How to Influence Audience Perception in Presentations

Presenter delivering straight on to an audience.

Understanding how to influence audience perception in presentations begins with understanding the lasting power of presentations. Think for a moment about the last presentation you attended. What do you remember from that? What was your perception of the presenter? The Power and Speed of Perception If you’re like most people, you remember the perception more clearly than the content. There are plenty of reasons for that. One of the biggest reasons is we form perceptions quickly and then spend most … Continue reading

How to Handle Numbers and Data in Presentations

A clock and calendar showing numbers and data

Data and numbers present unique challenges in presentations. Some presentations require you to use a lot of numbers or data. There’s no getting around that. One or two numbers, no problem. Dozens of numbers, problem. Big numbers, big problem. The problem is caused by our brain’s inability to hold onto numbers easily. Your mind doesn’t hold onto data and numbers efficiently Think of how often you have had to write down someone one’s phone number so you didn’t forget it. … Continue reading