Three Steps to Learning New Presentation Skills

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The only way you can improve your presentations is to learn new presentation skills. Sounds simple, in theory. In practice, however, it means the inevitable struggle we always face when learning new skills. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that hard. During a recent family vacation to Ireland, I encountered a driving situation that reminded me of a simple, but extremely effective approach to learning new skills–presentation skills or any new skills. Come along for a fun journey that can … Continue reading

How to Avoid Confusing Your Audience with Mixed Messages

An upside down one-way sign

I came across this sign on my drive to work earlier this week. The arrow points to the right, but the words are upside down, which means the arrow should be pointing to the left. I think. And there’s the rub. Because what I saw—the arrow—didn’t match the words. Mixed message. I had to choose. Go right, or go left? I had to stop and think about it. And that’s what happens in presentations. If we tell our audience one … Continue reading