Bring Your Presentation to Life Using Stories


What’s your favorite movie? Without knowing the answer, I’ll bet I know the basic storyline: Someone wanted something Something got in his/her/their way of getting what they wanted A struggle took place It looked like your someone wasn’t going to get what he/she/they wanted Your someone learned an important lesson from the struggle It helped him/her/them get what they originally wanted or something even more valuable That’s the storyline of pretty much all great stories from Homer’s Illiad right on … Continue reading

And the Winner Is…What to Do After a Major Presentation Mistake

People on stage at the Academy Awards

For obvious reasons, most people dread making a major presentation mistake. We don’t want to look stupid. We don’t want to fail. Ironically, it’s when things do go wrong in a presentation that you actually have a chance to shine the brightest—by showing your ability to handle the moment. Lessons from The Academy Awards This year’s Academy Awards ceremony is probably the winner of biggest blunder ever in a pivotal moment of a presentation. They gave the presenters, Warren Beatty … Continue reading