Step-Up Your Presentation Game

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With a new year on the horizon, you may have started to put together your list of things you would like to accomplish and improve in 2017. If any of these items below are on your list, then this video can help you get there: Become a better presenter Run more effective meetings Save time preparing for speeches Rock the room! Improve communication skills Inspire people to accomplish more Close more deals with killer presentations None of those goals are … Continue reading

The Marriage of Practice and Performance

Bride and groom walking down the aisle after their marriage.

I recently attended a wedding of one of my daughter’s childhood friends. A pretty affair, it had all the standard elements you expect at a wedding: service, reception, cocktail hour, introduction of the wedding party, etc. It also had toasts, a few of them. The best man read his toast. Not a bad thing. And he struggled. Bad thing. That got me thinking about the marriage of practice and performance What he struggled with was reading his toast. Every time he … Continue reading

The Voice The World Needs to Hear

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I took the day off the other day because I had lost my voice. Ironically, I spent part of the evening watching the TV show The Voice with my wife. On the show singers compete for the big break in their career. Each competitor has something in common with nearly every professional I have worked with in developing their presentation, public speaking, or media interview skills. They have to overcome their fear to achieve their dream. And it’s a big … Continue reading

How to Handle a Presentation Panic Attack

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You can’t usually control when you get a panic attack, but you can control how to handle a presentation panic attack. We all get them. Those sudden surges of panic. The feeling of fear. The fear of failure. Unfortunately, sometimes we get them just as we begin a presentation, or sometimes in the middle of a presentation when something suddenly goes wrong. Panic attack Your heart rate soars. Your confidence sinks. You can feel the presentation and the opportunity slipping … Continue reading