Putting Better Direction Into Your Next Presentation

Headlights of a classic car.

If you got in your car and drove for an hour with no destination in mind you could wind up just about anywhere. North, south, east, west, urban, suburban, rural, near water, far from water. Where you wound up would be random because you didn’t have a destination in mind. You were just trying to kill an hour. That’s the same mistake a lot of people make with their presentations: They don’t know where they’re trying to go so they … Continue reading

Where Should You Put the Q & A in Your Presentation?

Presenter at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Question: Where should you put the question and answer portion of your presentation? A. The beginning B. The middle C. Any place you sense it works for the audience D. All of the above I grade on an easy curve. No matter which answer you chose, you’re right. Q & A does a lot of for you The Q & A is a great tool to better understand  your audience, learn what audience members know, and understand your audience’s point … Continue reading