How to Turn an Applause into a Standing Ovation

Gerry Sandusky getting a standing ovation

Every presenter dreams about it, wants it. The standing ovation that comes when you finish. Bam. The drop the mic moment. Most presenters think those magical finishes come because of them. They don’t. They come because the presenter got outside of his or her emotional needs and connected deeply to the needs or wants of the audience. In this video, I’ll show you an example of how by paying attention to the audience’s needs a presenter can create a connection … Continue reading

A Hidden Truth Has Power in a Presentation

A pawn casting the shadow of a king

Most people when they get to the front of room don’t dare show a hidden truth. Everything suffers because of that one mistake. It only takes one, small act of courage to change everything. Realizing this one insight will help set you free. We’re all hiding something We all have a shadow self, a talent, a hobby, an interest, a fear, a story that we keep hidden from public view. Sometimes for good reason. We think it will limit our … Continue reading

The Secret Power of Using Suspense in Your Presentations

A wooden door sealed shut with a warning sign creates a sense of suspense

One of the most common questions people ask me in seminars is how can they do a better job of holding the audience’s attention? One way is to put some suspense in your presentations. Suspense keeps people alert Look at the photo to the right. Doesn’t that just beg for you to peek inside the door? People want to look behind a door that has a sign on it that reads: Warning, don’t look behind this door! That’s the power … Continue reading

The front of the room can set you apart

Speaker presenting to a filled conference room

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, the front of the room can set you apart. Forbes says speaking is the No. 1 business development strategy for the owner of a service business (Here’s a link to the article: That covers everything from keynote speaking to speaking at networking events to presentations. As technology proliferates (and I’m not bashing technology) human interaction becomes a bigger point of difference, a bigger way to stand out from other businesses, a bigger … Continue reading

The Power of Pause

video pause button

To understand the power of pause look at any video on any website. You’ll see a little toolbar on the bottom of the video frame. It has symbols for play, stop, and pause. Your next business presentation, conversation, even meeting can benefit from that same toolbar. Pauses helps your audience. You hit “play” when you begin a presentation. For a lot of professionals, the problems begin soon after that. Most professionals and executives who I have watched over the years start … Continue reading