How One Movie Star Manages Stage Fright

Actor standing at a podium on stage

Movie star Ethan Hawke co-stars with  Johnny Simmons and Paul Giamatti in an upcoming movie called “The Phenom,” about a young baseball player, a thoughtful mentor and a troubled father. In discussing the movie, Hawke admitted to suffering at times in his career from near-dibhlitating stage fright. To push his way through it, Hawke says he turned to a concert pianist Seymour Bernstein for advice.  In an interview in the Huffington Post, Hawke says the big thing he learned from Bernstein was … Continue reading

How to Communicate Better in a Video Conference

Couple talking in a video conference

Video conference or tele-conferencing is no longer the way of the future. Thanks to Skype, Go-to-Meeting, and other services, it has evolved into one of the ways we communicate in business. But for too many people it remains awkward at best, avoided at worst. It doesn’t have to be. No matter how many people you have watching on the video conference, treat it as a one-on-one conversation. Too many business people approach a tele-conference as if they are suddenly broadcasting. … Continue reading

Where to Find Great Stories for Your Presentations

Where to find great stories for your presentations

Last week I shared with you the three parts of a great story in a presentation or speech. This week I’ll show you where to find great stories in your own life experience. Here’s the quick recap of storytelling essentials: 1. Set up—the details that puts the listener into the story. 2. Struggle—the difficulties faced. 3. Solution—how things worked out and what you learned from the entire process. Once I share that formula with people who attend our seminars, they invariable … Continue reading

The Secret Formula Behind All Great Stories in Presentations

Tell stories to Change beliefs, change results

What are your favorite stories from childhood? If you have kids, what’s their favorite story that you read to them when they were young? My daughter loved Charlotte’s Web. My son loved Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. My daughter is 25. My son is 21. They still remember those stories. That’s the power of stories. They stay with us. You still remember your favorite story from childhood. Think about how long ago you first encountered that story. Audience members … Continue reading